• Evak Pumps
  • Electro Motor 1LA7, 1LG4, 1LE1, 1LE0
  • Ebara Pump
  • Calpeda Pump

Inverter Pumps

Usually pumps are sized to cope with the maximum predicted flow, leading to the motors running at part load. The result is low motor efficiency and a low power factor which pulls in extra reactive current


NPSH (NPSHA): a measure of how close the fluid at a given point is to boiling, and so to cavitation, NPSH (NPSHR): the head value at a specific point (e.g. the inlet of a pump) required to keep the fluid from cavitating.



Our Products

What we do

  • To provide best quality products and services
  • Customers focused
  • Technical Supplies in many industries
  • Be a market leader in technical supplies
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Long Term relationships
  • Optimizing system functionally
  • Trusted, encouraged, and empowered employees
  • Continuously service improvement
  • Expand broad range of innovative products

Who we are

PT Kurnia Mulia Citra Lestari is a multi line distributor of Pumps, Motors, Gearboxes and Motors in Indonesia. Over 13 years experienced in technical supply, we serve to deliver high quality products from worldwide brand based on customer’s need.

We have the very best solution – from residential waste and clean water pump solutions to commercial and municipal solutions engineered to exact standards. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Basic Product Line is divided into 3 Division

1. Electric Motors
Types : Standard, Vibromotor, Geared or Explosion-proof
Induction : Single or three phase
Drives : AC or DC
Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz
Speed : 2, 4, 6 Poles
Brand : Siemens, Teco, Franklin Electric

2. Pumps
Types : Centrifugal, Self-priming, Submersible, Vacuum, Gear, Chemical, Diaphragm, Split-case, Booster, Volute, Side-Channel
Stage : Single or multistage
Casing : Stainless steel, cast iron, Plastic, Aluminium
Impeller : Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel
Stuffing box : Mechanical seal, Gland packing
Construction : Closed or Open coupled, Vertical or Horizontal
Brand : Ebara, Calpeda, Evak, APP, KENJI, ROBUSHI, KSB, MILANO.


3. Blower
Type : 2 Lobes
Construction : Cast Iron
Brand : Fu Tsu