SZ Series

Product Description


  • High Efficient and Economical, extremely high efficiency rate of 80%, small drive motor required significantly reduce cost.
  • Trouble Free Operation – Semi Open Impeller guarantees clog free operation.
  • Large Capacity, the higher the water volume, the less horsepower expended, perfect for irrigation.
  • Simple disassembly and assembly, impeller can be easily inspected without removing the motor.


  • Irrigation
  • Industrial Use
  • Drainage
  • Shrimp Farming
  •     Flooding
  •     General Purpose

Product Specification

  • Category: Pump
  • Brand: Ebara
  • Capacity: 2~50 M3/Min
  • Head: 2-16 M
  • Liquid Temperature: 40°C
  • Catalog: Download Here

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